I’ve been involved in managing large exploration projects for the last 5 years. I handle family-owned businesses and personally initiated companies to earn a source of living for my family. Off lately, due to the Ukraine-Russia war and other economic crises, I was struggling to manage a consistent flow of coal.

Gladly, one of my friends referred me to Gary Golon, a doctor accredited with Ph.D. in business and serving as a large international commodities broker. Something that attracts me the most About Gary Golon is his first-hand experience in many sectors, his ethical work balance, and how he maintains transparency throughout the consultation.

It was a remarkable experience working with him. He helped me to closely look into market scenarios and facilitate coal trading across various countries. I’d love to share more about my experience with him so you will be just a step away to acquire genuine advice.

How Gary Golon Has Been My Valuable Asset?

Gary Golon has over 35 years of experience in nearly all industry verticals, such as mining, petroleum and gas, Property Investment Scheme, banking, heavy equipment, etc. Recently, he has been serving in coal trading, consumption, logistics, processing, and fertilizer production.

Monitoring extensive inventory and managing everything outside of core activities was a difficult task for me. My company deals with a high volume of coal in transit, points of origin, and inventory of variable grades.

I feel fortunate enough to have Gary Golon on my side. He works together with me at every step to spot price fluctuations, focus on the supply chain, and keep up with commodity market conditions. He created detailed reports and financial analyses to better understand the value chain and meet coal production requirements.


I’d highly suggest everyone, especially startups and aspiring business owners consult Dr. Gary Golon for quality assistance.

Thanks, Gary, for helping me develop an efficient plan to track finances, economic conditions, and volatility rate of coal, reduce value chain costs, and accelerate my business growth. From the initial consultation to thorough analysis and making a tailored plan, everything turned out to be convenient for him.

He made the planning and goal-achieving journey straightforward. His experience, expertise, and achievements speak for his long-term success in themselves. Anyone looking for support in commodity trading and selling coal across different countries can speak to him for genuine advice.