I was on the lookout for a PR manager to foster a strong industry network, awareness, and develop a powerful corporate image. A year ago, I met Tony Iavarone in Hamilton, who carries diverse experience in developing media relations strategies, coordinating all programs, and cultivating new contacts with businesses.

As I was involved in large exploration projects, he helped me to develop and execute effective communication and media relations program. He holds a proven track record in event planning and implementing successful public relations campaigns at both local and national levels. He is also experienced as a company spokesperson and skilled with broadcast and print media interviews.

How Tony Iavarone can be a helpful asset?

Tony Iavarone is a talented public relations manager, responsible for creating and maintaining a favourable image for clients by communicating programs, accomplishments, and unique viewpoints. He is well-versed in fielding media questions, pitching stories to media, organising press conferences, and even handling crisis and emergency communications.

He is a confident communicator and presenter, with the ability to work in high-stress environments and build a holistic approach to management. He helped me develop advertising and marketing communications, prepare articles for corporate newsletters, and monitor economic trends that add value to my organisation.


  • Develop a solid marketing and communication plan, including strategies, budget, goals, and report
  • Coordinate all PR activities
  • Direct team to engage audiences across traditional and new media
  • Create content for press releases, articles, and keynote presentations
  • Evaluate opportunities for partnerships, sponsorships, and advertising
  • Build relationships with industry leaders to learn and thrive

I’ve had an amazing experience working with Tony Iavarone. I’d highly recommend him to anyone wanting to understand industry trends and build an effective communication strategy.